Mix & Match Desserts

Available in different flavors, fillings, and optional toppings or decorations

  • Cupcakes iced with different flavors/colors of butter cream and decorated with edible decorations
  • Cake pops dipped in chocolate and drizzled with charm
  • Handmade assorted truffles
  • Venetian cookies, available with raspberry, orange or vanilla liquor fillings
  • Apricot squares sprinkled in powdered sugar
  • Cream puffs
  • Short bread cookie balls filled with pistachio and cranberry, and smothered in powdered sugar
  • Individual mousse “shots” in different flavors and colors with chocolate or fresh berry decorations. Available in clear dessert cups.
  • Mini horns or waffle cones filled with cream or flavored mousse
  • Dried apricots dipped in chocolate and nuts (optional)
  • Candied orange peels dipped in chocolate and nuts (optional)
Edible Party Favors

Elaborately packaged in colored boxes with ribbons and bows

  • Frosted cookies, decorated with different colors of chocolate and edible monograms, rings, fleur- de- lies, flowers, etc.
  • Single decorative cupcakes in any combination of flavors and fillings
  • Gift boxes with handmade truffles